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5 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning Unit May Need Repair

Repairing older ac unit

As a homeowner, it’s important to keep up-to-date on the maintenance and repairs that may need to be done around your home. One of the most vital components of a home, especially in Florida, is the air conditioner. When an air conditioning unit goes out, it can make for an uncomfortable living environment and even, in the heat of summer, become detrimental to your health.

So, how can you ensure that your air conditioning is in fine and working order? Here are five reasons why your air conditioning unit may be in need of a repair:


If you’ve checked your air conditioner’s refrigerant and noticed that it’s low, it may be the sign of a leak. This is not ideal for a number of reasons, including the damage it could possibly do to the environment. It’s also not going to cool as efficiently, which is one side-effect you may be noticing throughout your home. A leaking refrigerant could also lead to larger problems like frozen coils.


As you pass your outdoor air conditioning unit, make sure to keep an ear out for any sort of weird noises or issues. The outdoor fan plays a vital role in ensuring the air conditioning unit is cooling properly, so any issues with it should be taken care of immediately. Repairing an issue early on may save you time and money before it starts to get out of hand.


As with any sort of car or appliance, an air conditioning unit needs an annual maintenance check. General wear and tear could be causing more problems than you’re aware of, and ultimately costing you money. With an annual maintenance check, you can make sure that your unit is running as efficiently as possible, keeping your home cool at minimal expense to you. Just like with the outdoor fan, any noises (or even smells) that seem out of place could mean your unit is having trouble cooling properly.


If you’ve noticed that your energy bill is higher than normal, this could be attributed to the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. Before taking this into consideration, really think about whether your bill should be higher (you’ve had guests over who could have contributed to more energy use, a special event has caused your bill to be higher, etc.) and, if everything for the month seemed normal, you can then consider an issue with your air conditioner. An inefficient air conditioner can be detrimental to your energy bill, as it runs for longer when it’s not cooling your home properly.


One other sign that your air conditioning unit might be struggling is inconsistent temperatures in your home. Whether that’s room to room, or during different times of the day, you may notice that certain areas or times are colder or warmer than others. This inconsistency could be a major sign of damage or wear and tear on the air conditioning unit and may require either or a repair or, at least, a wellness check.

These five reasons may be what’s keeping your home from being cooled effectively by your air conditioning unit. If you’ve noticed changes in the function of your unit, it may be time for an AC repair.

If you have HVAC service needs in Port St. Lucie, trust American Air Cares to handle your air conditioning repair. We’re able to determine the root cause of your AC unit troubles, as well as make any repairs that are necessary. To find out more about how we can help you handle your AC repair, give us a call!


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