FAQs About In-Duct Air Purification

A woman enjoying clean air from her in-duct air purification system.

Are you thinking about getting an in-duct air purification, but you have some questions first? This FAQ guide should help you answer those top-of-mind questions before you decide to embrace the clean air revolution. If you have any questions that aren't listed in this guide, feel free to reach out to us. We're always willing to help out.


How Do In-Duct Air Purification Units Work?

In-duct air purifiers like the REME HALO® are installed in the supply plenum of your home or business's HVAC unit. One of the core functions of HVAC units is to condition the air. Unfortunately, this conditioning doesn't remove many of the air pollutants that can build up in homes or businesses due to pets, cooking, smoke, outdoor air, etc. These pollutants can quickly cause allergies and decrease the overall air quality of your indoor environment. This is where in-duct air purification units can help.

While each in-duct air purifier is unique, each of them has the primary goal of removing pollutants from your atmosphere. For example, REME HALO® units use a patent-pending technology that helps spread hydro-peroxide (a.k.a. "Mother Nature's Cleaner") into your HVAC system, eliminating gases, particulates, and microbial pollutants from your air supply instantly. Since in-duct air purification units are installed directly into your HVAC unit, they de-pollute all of the air flowing through the unit — thus improving the overall quality-of-air in your area of living.

How Much Do In-Duct Air Purification Systems Cost?

It depends. For starters, there are plenty of different in-duct air purification systems on the market. At American Air Cares, we've been providing AC in Stuart and AC in Port St. Lucie for over 20 years, and we've tried many of the brands on the market. We believe that the best dollar-per-quality ratio lies with the REME HALO®, but we've worked with units in a wide variety of price ranges.

The main thing you need to watch out for is overcharges on installation. Some installers will try to upsell you more purification systems, which you probably don't need once you install an in-duct air purifier. The actual cost of the purification unit installation varies from provider-to-provider. Again, this heavily varies, so reach out to your local installer to learn more about their prices.

What Are The Benefits of In-Duct Air Purification Systems?

There are plenty of benefits provided by in-duct air purification systems. For starters, your air quality will be improved. Units like the REME HALO® have been used by hospitals to create a 99% reduction in the Staph (MRSA) virus, used by food processing plants to reduce microbial contamination, and used by homeowners to improve their quality-of-air. Beyond the obvious health and lifestyle differences, the power of clean air can permeate every area of your life.

Schools that use in-duct air purifiers have noted a 20% decrease in absenteeism. And homeowners regularly comment on how air quality has helped them in their everyday lives. It may seem strange, but given that the EPA estimates that the average American spends 90% of their day indoors, ensuring that the air you breathe during that time is free of harmful pollutants can help you improve your mental and physical wellbeing. 

Do You Still Need HEPA Filters With an In-Duct Air Purification Unit?

Probably not. Some homeowners choose to also install HEPA filters, but in-duct air purification units provide comprehensive de-pollution on their own. Really, in-duct air purifiers are a better overall solution than HEPA filters — making the combination unnecessary in most cases.

Do I Need to Clean My In-Duct Air Purifier?

Maybe! Some units use UV lights to purify the air, and you may have to wipe them down every 6 months or so. Other units cover the lights with shielding to prevent you from having to wipe them down. This will depend on the unit you choose. Always ask your installation experts for advice on cleaning.

Do In-Duct Air Purifiers Come With Any Warranties?

Almost always. For example, the REME HALO® unit comes with a 5-year warranty. Again, this will depend on the manufacturer you choose. Ask your installation team for more information.

Are You Ready to Embrace Clean Air?

American Air Cares has been helping Port St. Lucie, Palm City and Martin County residents find clean air for years. And we can help you too! Contact us for professional HVAC service in Port St. Lucie and surrounding are and to start planning your in-duct air purification project today.