Six Tips for Making Your A/C More Energy Efficient

Standing fan in house

Most people enjoy the hazy, lazy, and crazy summer season until the heatwave begins to make Florida broil. As the oppressive humidity and sweltering temperatures soar higher, so does the rate of energy consumption. This is because your air conditioner struggles to keep your home cool during the intense heat.

With regular usage, fans and air conditioners raise electric bills. However, you can maximize your energy savings while still keeping your home comfortable if you follow these simple tips from American Air Cares.


1. Keep the windows open during cool nights

If you leave your A/C running throughout the day, then you may lower your energy consumption easily with the aid of mother nature. Opening your windows on those cool nights is a free and straightforward way of allowing some crisp and fresh air to flow through your house.

The Department of Energy recommends that if your local climate is characterized by colder nights, you can turn off the cooling system, open your windows, and enjoy your sleep in a cool and fresh environment.

Unfortunately, not everyone can use this method, particularly those residing in states with warm summer nights such as Florida. When the cool breezes finally come through, enjoy them!

2. Uphold regular A/C maintenance

You can also conserve significant amounts of energy if you ensure that your A/C unit runs efficiently. The most crucial maintenance role to keep your air conditioner efficient would be routinely replacing worn out filters. The task is easy and will take you a few minutes to complete.

With a clean filter, your A/C unit will be 5-15% more efficient. 

3. Program the thermostat to reduce usage at night

During summer weather, nights are usually less hot. So you can save on energy by setting your thermostat to reduce usage. This also works if you turn up the thermostat of your air conditioner whenever there is no one in the house.

Both of these techniques are effective, even if you only turn it up every one or two hours when the family is out for dinner.

You can set your programmable thermostat to higher temperatures for a bigger part of the day. But afterward, you can set it back to a lower reading shortly before everyone returns. Also, you should adjust the levels when leaving for a vacation, whether short or extended. This could lead to considerable savings in your next electric bill.

4. Shade your air conditioner

Another accepted method of increasing the efficiency of your A/C and cutting on cooling costs is by placing the outdoor condenser unit in the shade. The process cools the air around the device, thus making it easy for the unit to cool the house environment and push hot air out. This move would be worthwhile if you have a large area with a shade.

By shading your unit with trees, you can increase its efficiency by as much as 10 percent. This could translate to between $100 - $250 annually on cooling costs while slashing your home's air conditioning costs by up to 50 percent.

5. Seal any window that is not in use

You can implement several minor adjustments around your home to save on energy, and this applies to both the summer and winter seasons. By sealing these windows, you will have reduced the amount of air leaking in and outside the home. This way, you will cut on both cooling and heating costs as you also improve the durability of your unit, make your indoor environment healthier, and increase comfort.

A majority of leaks take place through doors, windows, and vents leading outside.

6. Ventilate your rooms with fans

Using a fan alongside your A/C unit may sound extravagant and costlier in terms of energy. However, it may lower your electricity costs in the long run. With a ceiling fan on, you can still achieve the same comfort even if you adjust the thermostat setting by raising its temperature. This is because the breeze created by the fan brings about a cooling effect, lowering the room temperatures below the actual air temperature.

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