Top 3 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repairs

AC Repairs with Care

Determining when your air conditioning and heating system needs repairs can sometimes be a tough call to make. You’ve invested a lot in the system and done your best to keep up with maintenance and service calls, but, like most components of your home, it will need professional attention at some point. Here are the top three red flags to look for when it seems your AC needs repairs.

Soaring Utility Costs

When properly installed, maintained, and serviced, you can easily anticipate how your air conditioning costs will impact your monthly utility bill. We usually know what to expect along the Treasure Coast: higher summer AC costs and more reasonable costs during our mild to cool winters. A compromised AC system will work harder than it needs to in order to keep your home at the temperature you desire all the while generating higher energy costs in the process. Have a good understanding of your monthly utility costs. Most utility companies now offer comparison tools that allow you to see your current month’s bill as it relates to the same month last year. If there’s a dramatic change, it may be time to call a professional.

Loud Sounds or Strange Odors

AC systems tend to make a lot of noise. They have a big job to do, so it’s somewhat expected of them. However, pay attention and recognize any sounds that are out of place. If the outdoor compressor and fan seem to be making too much noise, either excessive debris may have fallen among the fan blades or a loose mounting bracket could be to blame. Indoor components of the air conditioning system, like the blower, may struggle if internal components falter.

Odors are another sign that definitely shouldn’t be ignored. Smells like an electrical burn may indicate that parts are overheating or insulation on wiring has melted. If you’ve just fired up the heater after several months of sitting dormant and smell a burning odor, there’s a good chance dust has settled on the coils and has started to burn off. Damp or musty odors could be problems with ductwork or the air handler itself.

Uneven Temperatures throughout Your Home

If one room appears to be a different temperature than another, there’s a good reason to believe that part of the air conditioning system is damaged. Low refrigerant levels and damaged ductwork will mean that some rooms will not be as cool as others. However, poorly installed or improperly sized air conditioning systems will cause noticeable temperature changes as well.

Whatever the issue, proper AC repair is not something to be taken lightly. While temperatures are mostly pleasant during Florida’s fall and winter months, homes along the Treasure Coast easily heat up during our summer and spring months. For all your AC repair needs, call American Air Conditioning and Heating in Port St Lucie at (772) 398-0023 and at (772) 220-1496 for help in Martin County