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Time For Your Annual AC Tune-Up!

Annual AC tune Up

Our Florida “winter” is past and now our AC units will be running full blast.  So it’s crucial to ensure indoor air quality is favorable for your health. One of the best ways homeowners can do this is by scheduling an annual tune-up of your AC.

Causes of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Before we delve into the benefits of annual tune-ups, it’s crucial that you first understand what affects the quality of indoor air. The main and most common indoor air pollutants are comprised of air fresheners, pet dander, perfumes, insecticides, paint, scented candles, adhesives, fireplaces, and cleaning products.

While a house constructed with insulation and caulk can help keep the indoor spaces comfortable, they can also negatively impact the quality of air by trapping the pollutants present.

With all these potential causes of indoor air pollution, your home may have remarkably poor air quality.

How Indoor Air Quality Impacts Your Health

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports poor indoor air quality potentially aggravates respiratory conditions such as asthma.

The people who are most vulnerable to poor air quality in your home are your young ones and the elderly. Poor indoor air quality can also cause even the healthiest person to develop short-term health problems. Exposure to these pollutants can make you suffer from sore throats, headaches, nasal and chest congestion, eye infections, fatigue, and dizziness.

Can an AC Tuneup Improve Indoor Air Quality?

An air conditioning tune-up cannot only help improve your AC unit’s performance, and your utility costs, but also enhance the quality of the air you breathe.

Your HVAC unit is designed to suck the air in your home through a filter, take it through a coil and pump it back indoors via a series of steps. While this process is quite simple, your AC performs a great deal of work in removing harmful particles present from the air and ensuring your home has quality indoor air.

The filter usually traps larger particles coming in before the indoor air goes through the air handler. Your AC’s air handler then filters the water-soluble particles present in the air as well as excess moisture.

Over time, dust and debris may accumulate in the duct and air filters, resulting in poor performance or more pollution entering your home. Practicing regular AC maintenance can, however, help improve its ability to clean the air.

Filter Cleaning or Replacement

An HVAC filter plays a crucial role in ensuring every particle in the air is removed before going into the system. Thus, maintaining clean filters contributes to cleaner indoor air in your home.

AC tune-up services can check your filters for dirt and debris and perform a thorough cleaning to increase airflow and make it easier for your air conditioner to clean the air.

Replacing clogged filters promptly can also help improve your AC’s performance to minimize the presence of air pollutants in the indoor air.

Tightening and Cleaning Ducts

Dirty ducts or those exposed to the crawl space or the attic can blow more dirt into your home, leading to poor quality of indoor air. Thus, having your HVAC system inspected by the professionals at American Air Cares makes sure that the ducts are tightly sealed and cleaned properly to eliminate a potential source of dust, dirt, and pollutants.

Our Professionals are Ready to Help You!

Contact American Air Cares today to schedule an appointment with one of our experts and have your HVAC system properly tuned up. We have over 20 years providing AC maintenance and repair in Port St. Lucie, and surrounding areas.  We are family-owned and operated and our work is guaranteed!

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