HVAC Systems and Indoor Air Quality

Breathe Right Breathe Easy

Did you know that according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the air inside your home is more polluted than the air outside—up to 5 times more in some cases! We all know that seasonal allergens in the air (various pollens, etc.) can affect our health, but we forget about what’s in the air we breathe when we’re not outside. Having a well-maintained and clean HVAC system is vital to your family’s health—but sometimes it might not be enough for your family’s needs. Luckily, there are a variety of ways to improve and maintain clean air in your home.

A Few Tips for Breathable Air

  • Clear the air. To combat general odors such as those associated with pets, cooking, cleaning supplies, and paints (and other contaminants), consider upgrading or attaching an air purification system to your HVAC; this removes any odors/contaminants before they’re circulated back into your home.
  • Consider placement of the HVAC unit. If you can, keep the unit out of the garage where it can pull additional contaminants (fumes, etc.) into the home from outside.
  • Filter the air. An upgraded air filter or an additional air filtration system that works in tandem with your unit will help capture the smallest of contaminants and keep them from recirculating back into your house.
  • Light ‘em up! Did you know that you can add UV germicidal lights to your HVAC system to destroy the majority of pollutants that potentially cause health problems? These UV lights completely destroy viruses, bacteria, mildew, mold, and other contaminants at the molecular level to ensure they can’t grow and spread through the air ducts (where they contaminate conditioned air as it gets pumped through the system).

If you’re considered about the indoor air quality of your home or just want to discuss the options available with your particular HVAC unit, American Air Cares has qualified technicians ready to assist. And don’t forget to check out our special offers: right now you can save 10% off of UV light installation.