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Tips for your HVAC During a Florida Winter

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Winter is here, and we can’t seem to figure out whether to turn our ac or heater on. Florida weather can be unpredictable, but preparation is king. Cold fronts are common during the wintertime in Florida. So, it may be time to get your heaters prepped and ready. Here are a few winter HVAC tips to ensure your heater is ready for our winter season.

HVAC Tip #1:  Clean the air ducts

When is the last time you’ve had your air ducts cleaned? If it’s been a while, now is the time to have it done. Air ducts play a significant role in the operation of your air conditioning system. Air travels through the air ducts and enters your home. If your air ducts are not regularly maintained, this can be a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and allergens. Have a professional clean your air ducts and replace them if needed.

HVAC Tip #2:  Maintenance check

Now would also be a good time to schedule a maintenance check. This is our primary winter HVAC tip! In the meantime, you can clean in and around the outdoor unit and remove any debris. You want to keep this area clean year-round. Use the water hose to rinse down the unit. Accumulated debris can build up, causing poor performance.

HVAC Tip #3:  Don’t forget about the filters

Your air conditioner runs for the majority of the year and your HVAC unit pulls in air from outside while operating. Because of this, pollen and other allergens enter your home. If air filters are not replaced regularly, allergens can escape and pollute your indoor air quality. It is important to replace air filters at least once a month. Be sure to change your filters before the temperature change to ensure healthy air during the winter season.

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