Pet Hair and your Air Filter

Dog hair can clog filter

You probably already know that you need to change your air conditioning filter fairly regularly, along with other required air conditioner servicing. What you might not know is that if you have pets, this may impact how often your filters need to be changed and even how often your system needs to be serviced. What about when you have a pet? What is up with pet hair and your air filter? 

How do Pets Impact your Filters?

Your furry friends shed hair and dander all of the time, not just in "shedding season" (although that can make things worse, especially if your pets have long fur). This debris is pulled into your air conditioning system and clings to the filter and the ducts. This results in clogging of your filter. If you or somebody has even mild allergies to your pets, the dander that collects in the system can be blown out again, leading to worsening symptoms.

The build up of hair and dander will slowly clog your filters over time, reducing the efficiency of your air conditioner and increasing your heating or cooling costs. Replacing the filter regularly will work out cheaper in the long run over letting your system struggle.

What About Indoor Air Quality?

Again, pet hair and dander can cling to the inside of your ducts, resulting in a reduction in indoor air quality. This combines with hair and dander that is left on surfaces through your home. HEPA air filters will catch pet dander despite its small size, but the dander will then remain on the filter and reduce its effectiveness.

Additionally, poor indoor air quality can affect the health of your pets. They may be worse affected than you are as they are smaller and spend more time inside the house. This is another reason to change filters more often if you have a pet.

If somebody has an allergy, then it might be worth considering adding in-duct air purification. This traps pet hair and dander and keeps them from being blown back into your living space. (It also helps with dust mite allergies and odors). Alternatively, single room air purifiers may work well in bedrooms and other places you need to be particularly clean.

What Else Can I Do?

There are a couple of other ways to help extend your air filter's life and deal with pet hair and dander. The most important is to regularly groom your pets. If your pets shed heavily, especially in the spring, then you may want to use a shedding brush to help get rid of the old coat quickly, then package the shed hair in a vacuum bag or a trash bag before throwing it out. You could also resort to a vacuum groomer appropriate to the size of animal.

Make sure you feed your pets properly, too; pets who are healthy keep a better coat and shed less. Bathe pets weekly in plain water. If your cat won't accept a bath, then wipe them down with a wet washcloth. There are also products which reduce dander.

If you have furry pets, then you should be aware that hair and dander can clog your filters and gather in your ducts, causing air quality problems. Make sure to get your air conditioning system serviced regularly, change filters frequently (every 30 to 60 days) and consider adding air purification. 

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