Air Ducts: Why You Need to Get Them Cleaned

Air duct cleaning

A lot of homeowners forget about the air ducts when scheduling routine maintenance and cleaning of their HVAC unit. But, your home’s air ducts play a vital role in keeping you and your family comfortable year round. When your system is running, all the air in your home is pulled into the vents, cleaned, cooled/heated, and recycled back out through the air ducts. As part of this process, the air filter you regularly change blocks dust and dirt from getting through—but even the most efficient air filter is not 100% effective. This means that anything that gets through moves through your air ducts.

Hidden Hazards

Did you know that there are millions of microscopic airborne contaminants in your home? Most people only think about them when the sun’s rays come in just right, illuminating the dust floating around. This dust, which contains dust, germs, dander, pollen, and mold spores, is what gets pulled back into the air system and potentially built up in the air ducts. A buildup insulation of dirt and dust particulates in your air ducts both reduces your system’s efficiency and increases the likelihood of negative heath reactions, such as general stuffiness, asthma, and allergies.

Healthy AC Systems

A clean air duct requires your system to use less energy to circulate air throughout your home—both reducing your electric bill and extending the life of your system and its parts. The type of duct cleaning your home requires depends on what kind of ducts you have. For example, sheet metal or particle board ducts can be vacuumed out using a blower door; all exit vents are sealed except one and contaminants are sucked out of the ductwork. Alternatively, flex ducts (which many homes have) need to be manually brushed out. Ensuring your homes air ducts are clean is one of the ways to help improve your indoor air quality this winter.

Let us deep clean your duct work as well as your air handler. Call an American Air Cares Specialist today to schedule your yearly air duct cleaning!