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Why Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Keeping Your Home Cool

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The Florida Summer is here! It’s extremely hot and humid out and the weather can change rapidly. You want your air conditioning in tip-top shape. If you notice that your AC system is no longer keeping your home cool, it’s time to get it checked out. Here are a few common reasons this may happen.

Your AC Needs Planned Maintenance

When did you last change your AC filter? If it’s been a while since you did this yourself or had a professional air conditioning company service your AC unit for you, then this may be why your home isn’t as cool as it could be. Regular air conditioning maintenance keeps your AC in good working order and prevents future damage.

Are Your Vents Are Blocked?

It may seem simple, but if your AC vents are blocked, then your air conditioner will struggle to keep your home cool. Check each vent to make sure it is open and that no furniture is blocking it. You may have to do some redecorating to free your vents of any obstructions, but it’ll be worth it when your home is nice and cool.

Have You Checked Your Thermostat?

It’s a simple thing, but be sure the thermostat is set to cool and that the fan is not on. The fan should be set to auto. If your thermostat won’t turn on, replace the batteries. If you don’t feel like your thermostat is functioning properly, you might want to make an appointment to have this checked out.

Your Air Handler Is Frozen

The reason your air conditioner isn’t properly cooling your home down may be right behind your AC filters. Take a look in that area of your AC and check to see if the evaporator coils are frozen. If they are, turn your air conditioner off immediately and give it time to defrost and dry before operating it again. You may also want your AC repairman to inspect the entire unit to make sure there has not been any damage to your unit.

Remember, if you want your home to be cool, maintain your unit and get regular AC maintenance services to prevent damage. Give American Air Cares a call with any questions.  We’re here to help!

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