Can the Rain Affect Your Air Conditioner?

Drenching Rain Pouring on Roof

Many Floridians believe Florida only has two seasons, summer and hurricane season! While that is not true, Florida does get a lot of rain during the year. We receive many calls about whether or not our customers’ outside air conditioning unit (compressor unit) is safe from the rain. The short answer is yes. Your ac unit is designed to weather the storms, however there are a few exceptions that you should be aware of when it comes to heavy rains.


While rain itself, no matter how many inches, will not damage your ac, standing water (flooding) will. Standing water can be harmful to your air conditioning unit. If you experience flooding that exceeds over 15 inches, the electrical components can become damaged. If flooding is present and your outdoor unit is flooded, once the water has drained, call an HVAC specialist to come out and check your unit before you restart it. Be sure to also check your unit for any fallen objects like branches or other debris.


Corrosion can occur when the internal components begin to corrode and rust from moisture and condensation being trapped inside the system. This can likely occur if your air conditioning unit was improperly wrapped during off-season (raining season). Not all homeowners choose to cover their ac unit, as this isn’t mandatory, but if you do choose to wrap your unit, be sure to use a commercial cover that is has proper ventilation holes. Many people make the mistake of using homemade covers using garbage bags or large plastic tarps. Using this method can increase your chances of internal corrosion.

Courtesy Check

Monitor the outside of the unit and check the grille, fan, and wiring for any damage. Even if it didn’t flood, high winds could have damaged any area of the unit. If there is any debris or you suspect electrical, or water damage, make sure your ac is turned off at the switch. If you are not comfortable or believe there are issues with your ac, you may contact American Air Cares to come inspect your ac unit.

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